My Year in Disney – A Magical Easter

magical easter

I am a lucky girl! I get to spend a lot of time at Disney and when I was offered the chance to spend Easter Sunday at the Magic Kingdom – well I would have been crazy to pass that up right??

I headed to the Magic Kingdom with Tamy of course and together we enjoyed the fun and festive Easter offerings.

Take a look at this quick video and stay tuned I’ll be creating with these photos VERY soon!!

Inks, Paints, Dyes – OH MY!


Let’s really get creative this week and challenge ourselves to use paints and dyes and inks!! In honor of coloring Easter eggs I thought this would be a really fun challenge for the week!

The eggs pictures I created using the super fun idea from Balzer Designs! I was blown away by the simplicity and these eggs were just so fun and I adore how they turned out. You can see the original post here!


These are just plastic eggs from the Dollar Store and I used acrylic paint for a base coat and then used fabric paint for the dots! The acrylic paint I had on hand cause Michael’s just had a big sale. For the fabric paint I used Scribbles paint – I bought it at Michael’s but you can find it on Amazon here.

Now you are not limited in how you approach this week’s challenge – you can create a craft project with paints, you can use paints, dyes, and inks on scrapbook pages or you can simply take a photo of your family dying Easter eggs! There are no wrong ways to view this challenge! Be sure to share your photo on the Scrapper on the Street Facebook Page or upload to Instagram with the hash tag #scrapperonthestreet

Jennifer Hickey was the winner of the Stamping challenge! She created beautiful cards with stamped images that blew me away! Head to Instagram and search the #scrapperonthestreet hash tag and see what she created.


Gearing Up For Insta-Living


Many of you know that Insta-Living is making it’s return on Monday!! Though much of the class is the same, we have some new exciting changes coming too.

Take a look at this video as I tell you all about the changes coming to Insta-Living and show off the mini album I’ll be filling as we document life’s little moments next week!

Want to join the fun? Document all those little things in your world that make you so darn special? Click here to sign up! Not ready to sign up? No worries we’ll still be having plenty of fun around here – I’m determined to get you creating one way or another!

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Stamping Out A New Challenge!


I FINALLY had a chance to create a layout using my car photos! Ok so one photo is of me but I was in the car – in the car wash!

I hadn’t created a layout in a little while and it felt good to be playing with paper and glue again!


Of course I had to add wood veneers and enamel dots right? The part of this layout I’m really excited about is it tells an every day story – a moment that would ordinarily get overlooked and I made sure to capture it! I encourage you guys to do the same!

2014-04-08-07-57-29_decoAnd now that brings us to this week’s challenge!! This past weekend I attended True Stamp 2014 and I’m still coming down off the high of fabulous classes and information that the instructors shared. So this week I’m determined to bust out my stamps and get creative! Want to play? Bust out your stamps and create a card, layout, tag, whatever floats your boat! Not ready to play with stamps and inks? Try digital stamps, you can even do this using apps such as LINE Camera on your phone to add digital stamps! Play along and upload your stamped project to Instagram using the hashtag #scrapperonthestreet or upload to the Scrapper on the Street Facebook Page! 

My Year In Disney Zooms in on Animal Kingdom!

Hanging in the Jungle

This weekend your Scrapper on the Street headed out to the wild jungles of Disney’s Animal Kingdom to get up close and personal with this fabulous park! 

Take a look at this video and see what I focused on during this particular trip:

I like getting up close and personal, I like focusing on details and going for interesting angles. I’m looking forward to creating with these photos so be sure to check back I’ll be updating my album soon!

My Year in Disney Goes Green!

This week I’m pulling double duty with my video – it is both My Year in Disney update AND finally an update to the going green challenge!!

Take a look at this video and check out what I did:

It was so fun to focus on green and get these great topiaries into my album. I’ll be making a lot of trips to the Flower and Garden show this year so it’s great to be able to focus on something special this time around!

The winner of the go green challenge is Orange Gearle! She created an amazing layout and uploaded it to Instagram!! If you search the hashtag #scrapperonthestreet you’ll find it! Orange be sure to email me so I can get a prize in the mail to you!!

Now for this week’s challenge – Our cars! We spend a lot of time in them, some hold special memories, maybe we remember our first one, maybe we are super attached to the current one. Let’s tell the stories of our cars!! Be sure to post your car photos, layouts, stories to either the Facebook page or to Instagram using the hashtag #scrapperonthestreet!! I’ll be sharing my photos and stories as well!! I’ll randomly select a winner next week!!

Why Insta-Living?


Some of you might be thinking – why bring back Insta-Living? And many of you have taken the class before and you might be thinking – why should I take this again?

The answers are simple – your every day moments are just as important today as they were a year ago and I’m determined to make sure you capture them!!












I’m focused on helping you capture your life as you are living it and creating beautiful projects with these photos!

You will be surprised when you look back how many things have changed – and maybe also surprised at how things stay the same.

starbucks stars

We’ll be using Instagram and other fun phone app and cool websites to enhance and add pizzazz to your photos – who doesn’t like that? And with practice comes perfection so no matter how many times you take this class you may find new useful tips and tricks.

We will get to know each other – gals from all over the world have taken Insta-Living and the bonds you form are amazing. Also you get to know about foods, and traditions in other parts of the world – it’s an education within an education!

And of course there will be prizes and laughs, and live events!! For only $14 you can have a week of adventure and reconnecting with your life and just how important you are!! Click here to sign up today!

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Going Green for This Week’s Challenge!

go green

St. Patrick’s day is just about here so I thought this week’s challenge we should focus on color – and what color makes more sense for this week then green!!

This week let’s take photos, create layouts and just enjoy the color green! Green can be found everyone! Out in nature, those St Patrick’s Day decorations, clothing, paint, paper, washi tape – everywhere!! Use it – showcase it – have fun with it!

Then when you finish your creation or snap your photo head over to the Scrapper on the Street Facebook Page and share it! You can also upload to Instagram using the hashtag #scrapperonthestreet.

I’ll be back very soon with my own green creations!!

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A Look at Process – Challenge Edition

Challenge layout

I know you guys must think I’m crazy – photograph your food, photograph beverages. Trust me there are stories there! So I put my money where my mouth is and created a layout using beverages photos from this weekend!!

And because videos looking into my process are in demand I thought I would share that too! Take a look:

I loved layering, inking, and putting my new Tim Holtz die into action – let me just tell you it’s probably the greatest die I’ve purchased – I see it getting A LOT of use!!

So what beverage photos did you take this week? Be sure to head to the Facebook Group and share them or post on Instagram using the hashtag #scrapperonthestreet. I look forward to seeing your photos, projects and beverages of choice!

Fun with Color Shine!

It is no secret that I LOVE Heidi Swapp’s Color Shine!

I think it’s a great way to add a little extra something to pages and I’m a big fan of the splatter effect – you can take a look at my splatter how to video here!

I have a hard time picking my favorite color because they are all so gorgeous but my go to colors are definitely the Teal and the Black they just always seem to fit my projects perfectly!

As luck would have it Color Shine is on sale at Amazon!! Head here and take a look! What color will you pick up?

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