My Year in Disney – Using Instagram Photos

IMG_0592As I continuing documenting my year in Disney I am realizing I have a ton of Instagram photos documenting my adventures. I can’t leave these photos out of my album right?

Thank goodness Simple Stories created pocket pages to accommodate 4×4 prints! Now I have a great home for my Instgram photos!

Take a look at this little video showing off some of the fun I’m having creating with my favorite Instagram photos from Disneyland:

Have you created with your Instagram photos? What is your favorite way to use them? Head over to the Scrapper on the Street Flickr Group or Facebook page and share your thoughts and creations!

Insta-Summer Mini Album Update

IMG_0608After a Summer full of fun, I finally got down to business and started catching up on pages in my Insta-Summer mini Instagram album! I had so much fun creating these pages and love having a cute little place to house my Summer Instagram photos.

Take a look at today’s video for a peek into my book and process:

Have you been documenting your Summer? Head on over and share your creations on the Scrapper on the Street Flickr Group! What would you like to see next? Your Scrapper on the Street is ready to create for you!!

Favorite Product Friday – Wood Veneers!

IMG_0611If you’ve been following the Scrapper on the Street for any amount of time you know I love love love wood veneers!

These containers are the tip of the iceberg of the wood veneers I have one hand – they were the ones sitting out waiting to be used.

I really feel they had the right amount of dimension and they are versatile – you can ink them, cover them with washi, paint them, layer them etc etc etc!

IMG_0089IMG_0881I may have only used 2 wood veneer feathers in this layout but I really played with colors and inking and it really fit the topic!




Wood veneers even come in cool words and thought bubbles so they make super fun additions to your pages.




IMG_1685My favorite wood veneers are probably the cameras – I think with all the photos I take and all the story telling I do the cameras add a great touch to a lot of different layouts!

What find things have you done with wood veneers? Love them or hate them? Can’t wait to hear!


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Favorite Product Friday – White Pens



So lately I’ve been asked about my favorite white pen and hands down my favorite white pen is the Sakura GellyRoll pen!! I us this pen when I’m journaling on dark cardstocks but I also use it to journal right on photos! Fun right?








In this layout I used the white pen to journal and also match the pre-printed white lettering on the page. This pen writes super smooth, I’ve tried others and just couldn’t get behind them the way I can this one!



I IMG_9580know this will sound silly but I also feel my handwriting is neater and straighter with this pen. Maybe it’s mind over matter but I enjoy writing with it and often use it for those longer stories.

Do you have a favorite white pen? Let me know maybe I haven’t tried it yet! Have you tried the GellyRoll pen? Let me know what you think!!

Insta-Summer: Road Trippin’


Here we are – the 7th and final week of Inst-Summer and we are focusing on the fun we have in the car during road trips whether it’s a cross country trip or just a few minutes down to the beach what goes on when you’re packing up the crew and traveling by car?

In this photo I’m enjoying a fancy coffee while traveling somewhere fun – fancy coffees in the car are a staple for me what’s your car traveling staple?

You can download your free PDF here: Insta-Summer Day 7

Want to head over to the Flickr Group and share your creations? Head here!

Now I want to hear from you! What did you think of Insta-Summer? As I frantically work on Insta-Fall I want to hear what you would like to see!!! Share your thoughts and ideas with me I’m open to anything!!!!

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Pop Culture Pages


As scrapbookers we capture a lot of moments and stories right? We capture birthday parties, holidays, strong feelings, emotions and family bonds – and all of those things are certainly important. BUT do we capture our every day? Our current obsessions? The foods we’re eating, the shows we are binge watching on Netflix.

Today I’m sharing a layout created about my favorite binge worthy obsession – Orange is the New Black. Once my sister and cousin talked me into watching this show I was OBSESSED! I couldn’t stop, I watched season 1 twice in two weeks and counted the days for season 2. I read the book, and follow 90% of the cast on Instagram. Since this show has become such a part of my current life isn’t it important I tell that story in my scrapbooks?


I made sure to capture how I became addicted to the show and snapped a photo of the tv to capture a moment of the show for my pages. I also made sure to have a lot of fun creating with the orange and black color combo and used fun bits and pieces to make sure this layout wasn’t too serious.

It is important that we capture the things going on in our life right now. To get the pop culture items documented for posterity. We will love looking back on these pages later on and future generations will be interested to see what we were into in 2014.


Don’t you think you should give it a try. I challenge you to look at the world around you and document a pop culture item from your everyday life right now! Pick a tv show, pick a song you’re really into but remember these seemingly small details of your life will be big memories for you later!! Once you take on the challenge head on over to the Flickr Group and share what you create! I can’t what to see what you are all into right now!!

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My Year in Disney – Hooraay For Hollywood!


Remember when I took those dual purpose photos at Disney’s Hollywood Studios? Need a refresher? Click here!

I was so excited about these photos and finally getting some old, cherished memories onto the page that I just couldn’t wait to create with them!

Here’s a little video showing what I did – and also gives some fun ideas for using current photos to tell old stories:










What do you think? Ready to start capturing your memories in fun new ways?

Insta-Summer: Splish Splash!

free insta living

Here we are week 6 of our Insta-Summer adventure! How is it going? Are you documenting your Summer in new fun ways? Are you capturing stories that might have been forgotten? Keep me updated on your Insta-Summer experience!

This week we are splashing around in water! Whether it’s the pool, the ocean, a lake, a spring or a bathtub let’s get those water photos and stories told this week!

You can download your free PDF here: Insta-Summer Day 6

Once you get creating head on over to the Scrapper on the Street Flickr Group and share or head over to the Scrapper on the Street Facebook Page to chat and share! Dying to connect with you!

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My Year in Disney: Dual Purpose Pages


I have been having so much fun creating with my Disneyland photos! These pages are making great additions to My Year in Disney album.

In today’s video I show you a page I created right smack on the back of another page, no wasted patterned paper and no covering up the back of a layout I just created on it. Take a look:

Want to give it a try? Create 2 layouts on the front and back of one sheet of patterned paper – head over to the Scrapper on the Street Flickr group and share what you created! Can’t wait to see!

Insta-Summer: Theme Park Details

Olaf Hat

Yep we talked about theme parks, parks and playgrounds and characters last week but there are SO many great details to capture, and you know how I feel – no detail is too small!

This week we are going to talk about how we spend our time in line for our favorite attractions or how we spend the afternoon running through sprinklers. Let’s take a close look at the details of our Summer.

Download your free PDF here: Insta-Summer Day 5

Remember to have fun, tell stories and pay attention to the wonderful Summertime details! You will only ever have one Summer 2014 so enjoy it and capture it!

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