Celebrate the Season: Cover and Manifesto

celebrate2014This project is my favorite project I put together all year. Maybe it’s because I love Christmas so much and having a little corner of the world dedicated to Christmas is perfect for me or maybe it’s because there s a definite start and end time. I’m not sure what it is but it’s my absolute favorite time of year and favorite project to create!!

This year I’m using a book from Simple Stories and a lot of their DIY Christmas line. You can take a look at the kick-off video here.


I’ve started the project by creating a cover  - the Simple Stories kit I purchased came with instructions and though I didn’t follow them exactly I loved the look of the cover they showed so I started there.

I added my Celebrate the season title and the year and then used some gold color shine to jazz it up a little – it didn’t have to be uber fancy – my letters aren’t super straight but it’s mine and I love it.


IMG_0771Every Christmas a long with my Celebrate the Season book I also take Shimelle’s Journal Your Christmas class and each year she starts with your Christmas Manifesto. I love doing this. I love taking a few minutes and deciding what I want to see and celebrate this season.

IMG_0772This year I am embracing the wonder of the season, throwing the expectations out the window and just enjoying all the things I want and love to do. It will be my holiday full of new traditions, fun, and friends who have become huge parts of my life and my family.

I used the inside cover for this page, layered some heart embellishments, some enamel dots and the arrow with one of my favorite holiday sentiments and is also the title of one of my favorite Hallmark Holiday movies.

Are you creating a fabulous holiday album? Please feel free to share with me!! More soon!


Why Insta-Food? Sharing the Passion



http://scrapperonthestreet.com/sign-up-for-insta-foodchristmas-edition/I am passionate about taking food photos – I find there are deep stories to be told, happy memories to be captured and so much fun hidden in our food that I can’t help but burst trying to share this passion with you.

For those wondering why I’m so passionate about Insta-Food: Christmas Edition take a look at this short video:

This project isn’t meant to be overbearing – I don’t expect you to churn out layouts each day – I simply want you to look at the food you are eating over this holiday season and embrace the family connections, the traditions, the joy and laughter food brings. I plan to use my food photos this season to enhance my Celebrate the Season album – each year there are almost as many food photos as there are people photos so that must mean something right? I truly hope you will join me on this journey. But if another class isn’t in the cards for you don’t you worry there will be plenty of crafting going on here at Scrapper on the Street so stay tuned!!

Celebrate the Season 2014 Kick-Off!



It’s that time of year where we are hustling and bustling to decorate, cook, bake, shop and try to be merry in the midst of all the activity and though it may seem like you have no time and the last thing you want to do is document and scrapbook I encourage you to do just that!

I’ve been putting together a Celebrate the Season album for several years and each year I’m excited to see how the season comes together and how each Christmas is the same and how it differs from the years past. I have been using this album in conjunction with Shimelle’s Journal Your Christmas and this year will be adding some Insta-Food touches too!

To kick things off here is a quick video showing the main supplies I plan to use – take a look and let me know what you think:

Want to pick up your own Simple Stories DIY Christmas stickers? Click here. Want to get your own 6×6 pad? Click here. I look forward to seeing what you create this season – be sure to join the fun over on the Facebook Page and if you share your projects on social media be sure to use hashtag #celebratetheseason2014 AND if you want to join the Insta-Food Fun this holiday season click here and use code SCRAPFANS to save $10!

I will be back soon with more Celebrate the Season pages and projects so stay tuned!!

Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I couldn’t be more excited for this holiday season it will be full of only good things and I know I have so much to be thankful for. I am super thankful that you all have continued to follow me, support me and be amazingly patient with me as I have found my footing this year.

Tomorrow I will be starting my celebrate the season album and showing off some flashback looks into books from the past. We have Insta-Food: Christmas Edition coming soon (Use code THANKFUL to save!). We will have home decor projects coming up and we’ll finally get back into My Year in Disney. I’m happy to share this with you and thankful to be living this dream life!

Getting Organized



Getting settled in a new place means that I get to revamp my scrapbooking space! I’m super excited to get organized and get creating again I haven’t felt this inspired in a really long time.

As I go through the process I will share bits and pieces with you before doing a full room tour! Pictured above is my brand new work station – purchased at Ikea this guy is from the kitchen section – I scrapbook standing up so I love the height of kitchen carts and this has a lot of work space and a great big drawers (which are quickly filling up)

I would love to hear your best tips and tricks for organizing your craft space – just share in the comments below or head on over to the Scrapper on the Street Facebook Page. 


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Something Big is Coming!

Bet you thought I fell off the face of the earth or hung up my scrapping shoes but no worries – your Scrapper on the Street is alive and kicking!

I got moved, got my belongings from the ex husband and took a fabulous weekend beach getaway where I reset and now I’m back and ready to create!!

So what am I cooking up? Something new, fun and fabulous of course!!!

So who’s with me? Stay tuned – lots more info coming soon, fun new projects, new posts and tons of new ideas! I am just ready to create and I hope you’ll join me!

My Year In Disney – Saying Goodbye Page

IMG_0678I am so happy to be creating again and creating in my new space – though not finished and not fully unpacked it is great getting in there and working, and making something!

Last week I posted the My Year in Disney video where I said goodbye to The Maelstrom Norway attraction and Epcot. I wanted to create a special layout saying goodbye to this long loved attraction.

IMG_0674I used Simple Stories papers and embellishments using pops of color with enamel dots and a splash of red paper.

I had fun with layers and I made sure I had a ton of room for journaling because frankly I had a lot to say. I didn’t want to say goodbye to this ride – this ride I grew up with, this ride I sat next to many friends and family members to enjoy. And though I didn’t want to say goodbye, this attraction may not have had such a cherished spot in my album otherwise.


And I’ll once again remind you – capture your cherished places and people because you never know when you are saying goodbye.

Stay tuned – more fun coming your way!!

Time to Create!

As many of you know your Scrapper on the Street has been through a lot of change this year. The most recent change was moving to a new place – this means a new, bigger space to create! That is great news! But it also meant having to pack up all of my scrapbooking supplies and get them settled in the new location. This re-settling has been a slow process but we are getting there and I’m excited to dive back into my supplies and create, create, create!

October is my favorite time of year and I don’t want to miss all the fun projects we can be creating. Stay tuned as I plug along getting Insta-Fall together, we’ll have a load of fun documenting Fall favorites and holidays and food won’t we?

October is also one of the three times a year I’m usually doing Layout a Day run by Lain Ehmann. The October LOAD is for her ScrapHappy members and run by two of my amazingly talented ScrapHappy sisters. Though I have been reading the prompts I haven’t been participating daily like I used to – this is hard for me as I’ve completed over a dozen of these LOAD challenges and for more than half of these I documented each day with a video. Due to some professional changes I will no longer be filming the videos for Layout a Day – but you know there will still be plenty of videos for you fabulous followers here at Scrapperonthestreet.com.

Thanks to LOAD and my supplies being packed I have been able to create a couple of  digital layouts. Digi layouts aren’t really my thing, I like getting messy and touching the papers and photos but in a pinch, a digi layout is great!

sugarmoon_dadrocks_dkgreyThis layout was created in Photoshop using bits and pieces of kits I’ve collected over time. I tried to use all of the same elements I would in a paper layout so that my style didn’t look so drastically different. I do like the ease of adding journaling right to the page but not sure where this layout will end up.

For the layout I snapped a photo of my gym bag – not something you would think to photograph, but this gym bag was not part of my daily life until recently and to me, it tells a big part of my story. Just another way for me to encourage you to document the little things in life and discover the bigger stories they have to tell!!

Do you have every day items that tell bigger stories? Capture them and be sure to head to the Flickr Group and share your stories, pages and photos!



My Year in Disney – Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbyeIt isn’t easy saying goodbye to a cherished friend and it’s a great reminder to capture the memories and moments thrown your way.

In today’s My Year in Disney video we visit a beloved attraction for the last time. It acts as a marvelous reminder to remember the places you love. I will always be glad I took this last voyage on the Maelstrom – just like I’ll always be glad I took photos inside of Archiver’s or in every apartment or home I’ve ever lived in. You never know when it will be your last time.

I encourage you to head out and document important places today! You won’t be sorry you did and you will have those memories documented forever in your scrapbooks. Stay tuned I’ll be sharing pages saying goodbye soon!

My Year in Disney – Using Instagram Photos

IMG_0592As I continuing documenting my year in Disney I am realizing I have a ton of Instagram photos documenting my adventures. I can’t leave these photos out of my album right?

Thank goodness Simple Stories created pocket pages to accommodate 4×4 prints! Now I have a great home for my Instgram photos!

Take a look at this little video showing off some of the fun I’m having creating with my favorite Instagram photos from Disneyland:

Have you created with your Instagram photos? What is your favorite way to use them? Head over to the Scrapper on the Street Flickr Group or Facebook page and share your thoughts and creations!