My Year in Disney: Old Memories, New Photos!


I am having so much fun during my year in Disney. I love sharing all of these new memories with you but for this latest trip to Disney’s Hollywood Studios it will be a dual purpose trip and I won’t just be sharing new memories and experiences but I’ll be using new photos to dig up old memories.


Take a look at this video and be sure to stay tuned as I’ll be creating with these photos very soon!!

Do you have something in your life that stirs up old memories? Be sure to snap photos and tell those stories today!!

Insta-Summer: Food, Glorious Food!

Summer food

It’s my favorite time of any Scrapper on the Street class – we turn the focus on food and I’m a happy girl! This week let’s focus on the glorious foods of Summer!!

You can find your free PDF here: Insta-Summer Day 3

Now what foods will you capture this week? I’m dying to see which Summer foods are you favorite!

Challenge layout

Don’t forget those beverages and cocktails! If you eat it or drink it this Summer, then it’s important and you should document it!!

Insta-Pages: Creating with Summer Photos


I love Instagram – you all know that and I love creating – you know that too! I am so excited to finally be carving out time to create pages in my We R Memory Keepers Instagram Album!

Take a look at my process in this little video:

Have you been snapping photos this Summer? Sharing them on Instagram? Wondering what on earth you’re going to create with them? Join in the fun this Summer and tell your awesome Summer stories!

Want More Fun?

free insta livingYour Scrapper on the Street sure does aim to please – a few of you asked where you can go and share your layouts and creations based on Insta-Summer. So I set up a little Flickr Gallery where we can go, chat, and share creations!

Simply head to:

LOAD29Here we can share layouts based on not only Insta-Summer but all the Scrapper on the Street challenges coming your way!! I’m excited to share a new part of this adventure with you!

Insta-Summer: Oh That Summer Weather


Last week we had fun focusing on what we pack to head out on Summer trips, whether it’s a day trip, a short outing or a long family getaway. If you took pictures of your packed bags be sure to share them on Instagram – you can use the hashtag #instasummer and/or #scrapperonthestreet. You can also share a link to your blog or Flickr gallery in the comments below!

This week we are focusing on the weather. Summer weather can be a fickle thing, hot one minute, storming the next. Download this week’s PDF and get some ideas and start sharing your Summer weather photos and then you can start telling those Summer weather stories right? Download this week’s PDF here: Insta-Summer Day 2

Be sure to come back and visit, lots of fun stuff happening around here!!

My Year in Disney: Disneyland Edition


It doesn’t feel like two months ago but that is how long it’s been since I made the magical journey to California and to Disneyland.

I finally got some of my pages put together – there will be many more but check out this first video and feel free to let me know what you think:


It has been so much fun documenting all things Disney and super fun mixing and matching pocket pages with 12×12 pages! I love trying new techniques and way to capture memories – what Disney things are you hoping to see during this year?

Insta-Summer: Preparing for Adventure

Today we are kicking up the free Insta-Summer series! Let’s start off with a quick video:


Now let’s get down to business! We are focusing on Summer travel and that’s whether you are traveling to an exotic location with the family or just a short car ride away to the beach. Bags have to be packed, plans have to be made and fun should be had. You can find today’s PDF right here: Insta-Summer Day 1 - Download this bad boy and go over how you can better document your travel plans for the Summer or what important things you pack to take with you to the beach or park this Summer – no story is too small, remember that!!

This layout is from last year’s Insta-Summer album that I created and it shows off some of those beach supplies! Can’t wait to see yours!

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free insta living

It’s Summer and it’s time for fun in the sun with family and friends! What better way to have fun and enjoy your Summer then  with a free class inspiring you to capture the details of your Summer, the big moments and those little moments that might ordinarily be forgotten!

Starting Monday we will be posting a PDF full of ideas, fun samples, some videos full of inspiration and lots of fun Summer pages and projects to put you on the right path to documenting your Summer. Are you ready?

Insta-Summer will run right here and will last 7 weeks! During these 7 weeks we will work together and document our fabulous Summer and at some point we will get together for a live event and chit chat away about Summer moments, and Summer crafting. I hope you will join us on this adventure! I can’t wait to see what everyone is up to this Summer!!!

See ya Monday and be sure to sign up for the Scrapper on the Street mailing list so you will be in the know for all the good times ahead!


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Creative Blog Tour

kelliWant to go on a tour with me? A creative blog tour that is! I am lucky to have some very cool and crafty friends and when my darling friend and wonderful Wonder Twin asked me to participate in this blog tour how could I refuse!! You can head to visit Kelli on her awesome blog here.

Whether you are new to the Scrapper on the Street world or have been visiting us for a while I’m going to take my turn on the tour and answer some questions and then introduce you to one of my friends and creative bloggers – ready for adventure? Let’s get started!


1. What am I Working On? Oh goodness this is a question for the ages huh? Right now I’m busily working on My Year in Disney Project as well as my Summer in Instagram project! Both are a lot of fun for me and a lot of fun for me to share! I’m also working on getting my next Scrapper on the Street up and running – Insta-Summer anyone? We just wrapped up Insta-Food and I think that will be making a return down the line too (you heard it here first)

2. How Does My Work Differ From Others in the Genre? I really focus on the moments that usually get swept under the carpet, the stories that are often thought of as insignificant but when it comes down to it these are really the stories we want to remember and I put these photos and stories together in pages that are fun, inventive, playful. I push myself and all of you to find your style, to play with it, change it and reinvent it. Having fun and telling stories that’s what we are all about!!


3. Why Do I Create What I Do? I create to tell stories, to have a wonderful creative outlet and I create to connect with people. I love photos, and paper and jotting down stories and I also love to get messy and just play and have fun.

4. How Does My Creative Process Work? I’m always inspired by something, product, photos, a story, I let that initial spark guide me. I choose photos, then paper that seems to fit the story and at times even enhance it. I work with layers and clusters a lot so I will set everything up and then move around until I feel it is visually appealing. When I have everything glued down I find a spot for my journaling, and before I call a page finished I usually ink edges or add splatters. My process is simple – if I like it and think it looks cool I make it happen!

Ready to meet one of my Creative Pals? I am pleased as punch to introduce you to Leslie! We met through the ScrapHappy Community and I was drawn to her wonderful caring spirit! I also love her style and zest for life and creating. You can visit Leslie here:

Leslie is also on the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Design team and you can find that by clicking here.

I hope you enjoy meeting my super crafty friends and that you will head here to visit us often as I can promise you we have a lot going on!

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On Location – Cooking Up Something New!


It’s Summer so try to have adventures, enjoy long days, great weather, and lots of fun! So I thought what better way to do that then to kick off a new project!

You may be following My Year in Disney – which is quickly turning into one of my favorite projects, in addition to that I thought I would take my brand new We R Memory Keepers 4×4 album and document my Summer life in Instagram photos! Also will use new amazing Summertime embellishments from Simple Stories and use a ton of enamel dots of course!!

I thought another great way to kick off this project was with an On Location video – it’s been a little while and I don’t know about you but I totally miss doing these so expect a lot more this Summer!

So are you ready to join me as we set Instagram on fire creating, sharing and having a super fabulous Summer? What are you most hoping to see and do this Summer?