LOAD216-Day 6

LOAD6 - GeographyToday we are talking geography and though I had a hard time with this prompt I had a good time with this layout! Funny how that works! Take a look at today’s video for more:

What geographical location did you document?

LOAD216 – Day 5

LOAD5 - Earful TowerOne of my favorite landmarks on Disney property is going to be torn down and now with the help of LOAD I have this special place documented forever! I have a lot of special and favorite places but this one will always mean something to me as a Disney fan and Disney castmember!

LOAD5 - JournalingTake a look at today’s video as I talk more about this special landmark:

I hope you have fun documenting your special landmarks today! 

LOAD216 – Day 4

IMG_2413Day 4 was certainly timely – we were having a discussion at work yesterday about hashtags and it was being reminded of this conversation that my trending slang page was born.

We live in the world of hashtags and selfies and social media speak – it was certainly fun to create a page about it. Take a look at today’s video:

It’s fun to be a part of ever changing language even though some of it is totally silly right?

LOAD216 – Day 3

IMG_2407I love music so when I heard the prompt this morning I was super excited. I quickly flipped through my photos and found several that would work for this page but by the time I got home I realized which photo I wanted to use and what story I wanted to tell.

Take a look at today’s video:

What musical page did you create today? Have any of the prompts so far inspire more stories than just the one you create for LOAD?

LOAD216 – Day 2

LOAD2 - Elf on a PlaneI was so super excited to hear this morning’s prompt and I was even more excited when the exact photos I wanted to use were on the top of my first stack of photos I grabbed!! I love that I took these photos of Star on plane and they were the perfect size for a fun layered/clustered page!

Take a look at today’s video – I share a glimpse of my travel bag:

This was a super fun page to put together and I feel that I’m already completely inspired – I can’t wait to get through the rest of this month and tell more fun stories! What are you looking forward to this month?

LOAD216 – Day 1

IMG_2393Here we are day 1 of LOAD216 and I couldn’t be more excited!! This is always such a fun time of year and I get so much scrapping done and so many stories told!

I’m excited you are here to share the journey with me. Take a look at today’s video:

How did day 1 of LOAD216 treat you?

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Let’s Get Ready to LOAD!

Lain Ehmann and her Layout a Day changed the way I scrapbooked. I’m not being cliche or cheesy it’s 100% true. I started scrapbooking over 15 years ago doing 8.5 x 11 pages or 12 x 12 pages in double page spreads with photos cut in shapes or hearts, stars and circles (that was very in back then) These pages would include next to no journaling! Then I found Lain and joined her Layout a Day challenge (AKA LOAD) It was amazing the things I learned about how I created, how I wanted to create and the stories I wanted to tell. I have taken on many of these challenges and Lain has asked me many times to share my journey in blog and video form to show how to make the seemingly impossible possible!

Let’s kick things off with a pre-LOAD video showing what my game plan for this year will be:

LOAD216 kicks off tomorrow and I’m looking forward to sharing this adventure with you!

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New Year, New Page (FINALLY)

IMG_2367HAPPY NEW YEAR! Better late than never right? 2016 and January in particular has been off to a busy start but I finally took some time to sit and scrap – mostly cause I got a ton of photos printed AND I was dying to put together this page!

I mentioned in a video earlier in December that I had a fun idea for this blank calendar page that was part of the Simple Stories Layle by Mail kit I used for my Celebrate the Season album. Well this fun idea finally came to fruition. I took to Picmonkey.com and I created a photo grid of all of our Elf on the Shelf Star’s adventures. I then laid these out and added some embellishments and now all of Star’s adventures are housed on one page – and like Star this page is full of fun!

IMG_2369I popped up a few of the photos to add interest and to make some of my favorites standout. I also added lots of wood veneer stars because obviously her name is Star!

IMG_2371Now you might be thinking hmmm obviously the Scrapper on the Street would take into account the crease in this fold out page – well she didn’t – These things happen, I went to fold the page and *insert expletive here* I opened it up and quickly scored the photos that were in the way. It still closes quite nicely and the photos are no worse for the wear. Now it’s on to more adventures and a lot more scrapbooking as I finish documenting the 2015 holiday season and start capturing the memories from this fabulous new year.

What are you scrapbooking this year?






Merry Christmas from your Scrapper on the Street! I hope your holidays are happy, healthy and filled with love! We will be doing lots of creating in the months to come but for today focus on making the memories!!!


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Celebrate the Season – Be a Part of the Story!


This holiday season I’m here to remind you to be a part of your own story! Years from now your friends and family will want to see you enjoying your life, you enjoying your holidays and you as you were at certain parts of your life!

IMG_2270Don’t let your fans down – be a part of your own story! Don’t be afraid to hand off your camera to someone else in the room and let them snap pictures. They will capture moments you might not have otherwise captured. And throw away those misconceptions that you don’t look quite right – you are beautiful and there is no other you!!

15-12-12-17-07-42-524_decoYou want to capture memories with friends and loved ones? Ask a server at a restaurant or a passerby at a local attraction – you will be surprised to see how happy people are to help!

IMG_6219Likely your camera has a self timer – USE IT! pull out the tripod or set your camera on a shelf and let the camera do all the work, plus you will capture great smiles as you run to the front of the camera and post in 10 second!!

20151219_181817And my last reminder – never EVER underestimate the power of a good selfie! These are fun, they can be silly, they can be a group or just you, don’t let anyone dull the joy a good selfie can bring!!

I hope these hints remind you and push you to be a part of your story and to get yourself on your own December Daily or Celebrate the Season album pages!