Hello Vegas – Cover and Title Page


Working on my Vegas album! It is kinda great reliving this fantastic trip while creating fun pages as well! I’ve been using a fabulous kit from Layle by Mail and for the cover I pretty much used Layle’s instructions though I left a few bits and pieces out because I have pages I wanted to use them for later.

I debated using this for the cover but there are palm trees in Vegas and it is a paradise as far as I’m concerned!

I also took Layle’s lead in creating the opening page. I wanted to have a great opening page, which is not something I always do but for this specialized book I really felt it would be a great tie in. I took some liberties with the page changing the way the title was positioned. Of course I also added some splatter because that’s how I roll. I just wanted to add that pop of color. 

This page really sets the tone of the book and the trip so I wanted it to be vibrant and fun. Do you add title pages to your albums? Share some in the comments below. 

Summer Project – The PDS


I have been inspired to create again and considering I have several projects in flight it’s about darn time! I added this page to my Summer album. I’ve used ideas and items from the Summer Layle by Mail kit. Over the Summer a group of us co-workers who also happen to be friends started attending a monthly wine stroll, from there we planned other outings and many of these revolved around cocktails thus the Professional Drinking Squad was born!

For this page I used a group shot that reflects our personality and the fun we have on our adventures. I added sequins and enamel dots to make it girly and fun. I added the glitter letters to add just a touch of sparkle. It was a simple page but a page I really love and that really tells a story!

Have you been creating your Summer stories? What have you been working on?

Mini LOAD Summer Lovin’ – Day 7 – Adventure

Summer Lovin' Adventure 2

Summer Adventures are the best aren’t they! In today’s layout we are focusing on adventures and what is more adventurous then exploring the Las Vegas strip with some of your most favorite people?? I had so much fun putting together this layout and the group selfie is one of my absolute favorites from this trip! I am so glad I got to use it in a fun layout.

Take a look at today’s video for more:

Do you have a favorite Summer adventure? Or a favorite Summer photo that makes you smile every time you look at it? Be sure to scrapbook it and tell those stories!! 

Mini LOAD Summer Lovin – Sights of Summer

Summer Lovin' Sights

I love when Summer clothes starts popping out, you know it’s time to be cool and comfortable and relaxed! This Summer has been all about sundresses so I took that theme and ran with it creating a fun, summery and girly page! Take a look at today’s video for more:

What sights of Summer are you capturing?

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Mini LOAD Summer Lovin’ – Day 5 – The Great Outdoors

Summer Lovin - Outdoors 2

I mean the outdoors aren’t my favorite but I love the beach, I love the pool and I love the theme parks so all that counts right? Today’s layout is about being out at the beach. Take a look at today’s video for more:

How do you feel about outdoors in the Summer? Love it? Hate it? Be sure you document it!

Mini LOAD Summer Lovin’ – Day 4 – Smells of Summer

Summer Lovin' Smells 2

Today we are focusing on the smells of Summer and my absolute favorite smell may sound totally crazy but I love the smell of Las Vegas. I love to sit in the casinos and smell that sometimes musty, smokey air. Vegas has been a long time favorite vacation spot for our family so getting that whiff of Vegas is like coming home. I’m really excite to tell this story because it’s one I’ve not told before and I had recent photos that I wanted to use.
Summer Lovin' Smells Journaling

Take a look at today’s video for more:

Are your favorite Summer smells as wacky as mine?? Can’t wait to see what everyone creates today! 

LOAD Summer Lovin’ – Day 3 – Relaxing

Summer Lovin - Relax 1Summer Lovin - Relax 2

We are relaxing today! Summer should be about having fun and relaxing and enjoying the sunshine and the people you love. What better way to do that then lounging by the pool? I created these two little pocket pages to tell the story of how I like to relax in the Summer.

Take a look at today’s video for more:

How do you relax in the Summer? Or is your Summer so packed with fun that you don’t have time to relax??

LOAD Summer Lovin’ – Day 2 – Taste

Summer Lovin' Taste1

Day 2 of the Summer Lovin’ Mini LOAD and we are tackling taste! I can’t think of anything that tastes more like Summer than a frozen cocktail by the pool! Today I used the prompt to start filling pages of a Simple Stories Mini Album that I have been saving for all of these fabulous Vegas photos. I used photos to help tell the story of frozen drinks in our poolside cabana. These were the perfect photos to start telling the stories of this amazing trip. I don’t know where they will end up in the album but I know I’m glad I started with them.

In addition to this page I added this little banner page to further tell the pool day stories and I made sure there were more cocktail photos involved.
Summer LovinSummer Lovin 2

Take a look at today’s video for more on today’s layout:

What tastes like Summer to you? I can’t wait to find out! 

LOAD Summer Lovin’ – Day 1 – Water

Summer Lovin' Pool Time 1Summer Lovin' Pool Time 2 

Summer time means days by the pool, walks on the beach, and crazy thunder storms. There is water everywhere in the Summer and my favorite is absolutely the pool. I did not one but two pages of my much loved Summer pool time. I’m using this mini LOAD to fill my 2016 Summer album and I think we are off to a great start. Take a look at today’s video for more:

What Summer water activities do you enjoy? Or do you hate the water? I can’t wait to see what you document today! 

Layle By Mail – Happy Moments

Happy Moments

I finally pulled myself out of my post LOAD slump and created! I based this layout HEAVILY on Layle Koncar’s instructions but of course I put my own Dani spin on it! After all I wanted to tell my story in my way but I certainly loved having awesome inspiration to use as a jumping off point. I wanted to add touches that fit the Flower and Garden festival theme so I added more flowers, butterflies and garden gnomes. I loved playing with these amazing Simple Stories items and I’m really happy with how this page turned out.

Take a look at this little video for more:

Where do you find inspiration?