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IMG_1835It has been a long time since I used so much I a kit – but here we have another page from the Layle Mail Dream Big kit which she put together using the Simple Stories So Fancy collection. I don’t know if I’ve been so inspired by this kit because I haven’t received a kit in so long or because I love all things Simple Stories!

This layout taught me a lesson in walking away from a page that wasn’t working and regrouping until things came together and turns out I absolutely love this layout. Take a look at this video to learn a little more:

I will continue using up the bits and pieces I have left of this awesome kit and sharing my creations with you. Do you use kits? Love them or hate them?

Week in the Life – Day 1’s Page Creations

IMG_1827You watched as I diligently snapped photos and documented nine days making up my Week in the Life and now that the documentation is done it’s time to start putting my album together.

In today’s video I take you through my day 1 pages, take a look:

IMG_1824I love this part of the process, reliving a good week, creating an album that will act as almost a time capsule to this part of our lives and just having fun and allowing myself to be creative. I plan to put pages together over the next couple of weeks so stay tuned as I get this album put together but while I wait for the rest of my photos I’ll be working on other fun creations so stay tuned. What would you like to see me create?

Week in the Life – Days 7, 8 and 9

weekinthelifeday7Here we are wrapping up Week in the Life – I had 3 fabulous days away in St. Augustine and I balanced capturing the every day things with the fabulous things in a new place.


Pictures of the hotel room, the view, the crabs and of me taking photos sums up this day, and this trip. Don’t be afraid to hand off a camera and make sure your story is told with you in it.

weekinthelife day 8Day 8 was exploring a historic city. I captured some of the signs of some of the great places we went. I handed a camera off to our train driver/tour guide to get a shot of us on our empty train. We spent a lot of time on this train and it was incredible. I captured us walking across the bridge – something we did often. I made sure to capture details and parts of the story that might not have been captured if I wasn’t doing Week in the Life. Train stops and restaurant signs and bridge cross signs are important parts of a story.

weekinthelife Day 9Day 9 – the final day. I captured one last look at our view, breakfast, unpacking and picking up the dog – oh and just a little shark we happened to see swimming outside our room in the Bay. I also liked that I captured some of the makeup I wore over the course of Week in the Life. It will remind me what I had, what I wore and my go to palettes. It’s super fun to go back and see what you were doing at this point in time. This part of our story is important and now we have it.

One piece of advice I will give – once in a while pop out from behind the camera so you don’t miss seeing all the moments in person. It’s great to have these memories on film but having them in your mind and heart is important too.

Now that my take on the Week in the Life project is wrapped up I’ll start putting together pages and videos! I’ll also be documenting this amazing trip – the food, the signs, the details, the memories and moments that made an adventure. What would you like to see? Have you ever been on a life changing adventure?



Week in the Life – Day 6

WeekinthelifeDay6Six days into Week in the Life and you would think I would have found a groove but I think what happened is I started running out of steam and had to remind myself to take photos. But I did still capture parts of my life I wouldn’t have captured otherwise.

weekinthelifetandhSometimes chilling on the couch can show some of the cutest interactions and relationships. Hooper and Tamy absolutely love each other and I’m glad I got this interaction of these two!

20150820_191057Now of course part of day to day is some day to day chores like cleaning the bathroom, dying hair, eating lunch. Document those things too. Shows what brands of stuff you use, what your routine was. It’s fun to have that to look back on!

I still made sure to document my daily outfit and the food I ate and I’m happy I did but all these little stories will help paint a bigger picture in the future.

Now today I’m headed out of town for a few days – follow me on Instagram (@scrapper_on_the_street) or head over to the Facebook Group and I’ll be sure to post photos! I’ll catch up and do a Week in the life wrap up when I return on Sunday so stay tuned and I’ll leave you with a tiny sneak peek at my week in the life album so far –




Week in the Life – Day 5

weekinthelifeday5Day 5 of Week in the Life is under my belt – since I’ve added some extra days I am now halfway there!

I’m super glad I documented yesterday – that meant getting post gym sweaty images, that means getting my messy closet, that means getting dirty dishes in the sink and lunch runs with co-workers.

justmeweekinthelifeIt also means getting shots of me – making sure I get my face and my clothes and me as a whole in the shot so I can really capture where I am now.

I like showing how I look getting ready for work, heading off for another day of magic, what I wear, my size and shape right now, the style of my hair. I urge you to get yourself on camera!

IMG_1789I also captured where I live – without giving away address information I got a photo of our building. I will look back on this photo and remember things like Princess Parking, new roof, climbing stairs, walking for dinners and to the gym. And these will be things that may not be triggered if I didn’t have this photo. Capture your story!!!


Week in the Life – Day 4

weekinthelifeday4Day 4 of Week in the Life was another day at work and though I should have gone to the gym I didn’t and that is ok. It’s ok that my day was nothing special. It’s ok that my photos and stories are not life changing, it is my story and my every day.

What I did do was play with my self timer on my camera – I very often scrapbook for an hour between 5AM-6AM and I’m here all alone and I wanted to get a glimpse of what that looked like.

scrappingweekinthelifeThis isn’t exactly my most flattering angle, my hair is a nightmare, I’m in my pajamas but I’m in my space doing my thing and I think it’s important to capture my story as much as I can and that means getting my messy scrap room, my messy hair and the whole package!

20150818_041245I’m also trying to get in the time into my photos because it tells a story – I get up at 4AM and fix coffee so I made sure to capture that and get the time on the coffee maker. This also shows that we each have our own coffee/coffee pot that we use and what mugs we use and that we had dishes drying on the counter – it’s all part of real life. I could have put all the dishes away before snapping the picture but what would be the point of that? Anyone could have a clean counter right? Haha!

So for a day that was not so special I did manage to capture pictures that tell a part of my story that I would not have captured otherwise! What one photo could you take today that would tell a special story about your home?



Feeling Fancy in my Pole Journey!

IMG_1762In the middle of documenting my every moment during Week in the Life I decided to do some creating! I pulled out my fantastic Dream Big kit from Layle Koncar and created a fun and girly layout showcasing some of my fancy pole moves!

I used some of the ideas included in the kit’s instructions and then added a few fun elements of my own. I am super happy with the way this layout turned out. Take a look at this quick video:

Do you have an unconventional hobby? Have you created a layout showcasing it? Stop what you are doing and go create right now!!

Week in the Life – Day 3

CollageDay3Day 3 of Week in the Life and it was my first day going to work and doing some more “normal” things.

IMG_1738As I started documenting my day I realized there is a lot about my job I can’t photograph! Wow that makes me sound like a spy or something hahahah! But I did try to take photos of some of the everyday things, and my everyday travels! I’m glad I have a few more work days to capture more of my day and more of my work life.

IMG_1743It will be interesting to see what I come up with the rest of the week and how I work around the limitations of working in a confidential environment! Hope you’ll join me for more!


Week in the Life – Day 2

WeekinthelifeDay2Week in the life is underway and though day 2 wasn’t filled with magical Disney outings it was a good day to capture a nice relaxing Sunday.

20150816_125157I made sure to snap photos at the grocery store, we drive to a very specific store even though we have one within walking distance. Part of the reason we choose this store is the fancy cheese counter complete with cheese guy! I am glad I got a shot of this. My love of cheese gets documented, our grocery store gets documented and our Sunday activities get documented.

HooperAlso while I had my camera out just snapping photos I was reminded that I hadn’t had a photo shoot with Hooper in a while so I got down on the ground and snapped a ton of photos of him. Week in the Life is a good reminder that you don’t just have to take photos of what you eat, or what you wear, or your coffee cup every day (maybe that last one is just me) but get the people and pets in your home. Get those self timed family photos or a silly selfie – trust me years from now you will look back on these photos and be happy you got these moments documented!


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Week in the Life – Day 1

WeekinLifeDay1As promised I started the Week in the Life project yesterday and will run it straight through next Sunday. I had so much fun capturing bits and pieces of my day, of my story and of my life as it is right now.

I’ve put together a collage that I will likely use in my album – I hope to get the first couple of days done after a few days. But I just placed a big order that I’ll head to pick up this afternoon, so possibly I will get day 1 documented sooner rather than later.20150815_110148


Some of the things I hope to document this week include some of the ideas Ali Edwards shared such as; daily outfits, daily photos of the people in the house but in addition I was to be sure to include what I ate, you know how I feel about this food tells a big story. And I want to share the daily chores, stores that I visit, places I go because these are things that change over time. I also want to be sure I include some street signs and maybe a few shots of what I’m watching on tv.










What stories would you like to tell as we capture our lives this week?


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