Fun with Fall Pages

IMG_1926I love the Fall! I’m so glad I decided to fill more pages in my little Fall album! I’m going to have so much fun filling this book with activities and events and memories. I’m even more excited that I have you guys holding me accountable and coming along for the ride!

I put together two pages over the last couple of days. One I created live on Periscope – I am loving this, it’s a great opportunity for us to connect, whether we are creating together live, asking questions or I’m taking you out and about with me on an adventure it’s just a great way to have you all a part of the journey! I’m going to jump on there a lot more so I hope you’ll join me.

In the meantime, here is a quick video I did digging a little deeper into the two new Fall pages:

IMG_1921What Fall fun are you having? Do you have special projects in the works? Are you creating any Halloween or Fall decorations?

I would love to hear all about it and always feel free to head over to the Facebook Group and share! See you all real soon!


Don’t Stop Believing

IMG_1913Not every layout has a deeper meaning or has some epic story to tell – but some layouts do and it’s not always an in your face story that’s so obviously told through the photos.

I told an important and fun story through journaling and being very selective with the embellishments I chose. I used a strip from the Simple Stories Say Cheese collection. The “don’t stop believing” and the hearts were originally white – I busted out my water color pencils and added some color to page. I chose colors that matched the princesses in the photos. I chose the words because it helped drive home a part of this story.

IMG_1914I added the fun and whimsy to the page with some color shine and the Heidi Swapp word. I felt both elements made the page more feminine and fun.

I also wanted to make sure my messages were clear – you are never to old to pose with a Disney Princess and you never know what is going to happen in the future. The day we spent in the Magic Kingdom with Tamy’s daughter was among the best days ever! Not one I expected but one I will cherish!

What message would you like to create a page around?


My Year in Disney – In Pockets!

Two things I love Disney and PIMG_1882ocket Pages! So of course I have a blast when I combine them!!

Take a look at this quick video as I put together these fun pages for some early morning crafting fun:

IMG_1887What loves do you combine on your scrapbook pages?

Kicking Off Fall!

IMG_1880The new Layle Mail Kit Came!!! I was so excited to find this in the mailbox on Friday evening and I had share all the beautiful things inside! Layle has totally outdone herself and this gorgeous kit left me completely inspired!

Take a look at this video and see what’s in the kit and what I have in store for Fall:

What’s your favorite season? Are you ready to join in the Fall fun?

My Year in Disney – Themed Paper Dolls

IMG_1877I am a huge huge fan of the paper doll craze! This addiction came because of my mom and boy am I glad!

I had to get back to My Year in Disney album – I have a ton of photos and memories that are waiting to be documented so I had get in gear and get them on pages. So I combined my two loves Disney and Paper Dolls and created one great page!

I loved playing with the colors on this paper doll, making her colors match Daisy’s outfit and I colored her hair to match Tamy’s daughter. Watch this short video for a closer look:

IIMG_1878‘m so excited to share this page with you and to get back to documenting my Disney moments! This page is special, it was a special day and a special experience and I absolutely adore playing with these paper dolls.

I use the Prima water color pencils – they make me feel like an artist and I’m thinking it might be time to buy a few more dolls 😉

What trend are you addicted to right now? Do you have stories waiting to be told?

Be sure to check back soon I have so much more coming your way!!


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Wrapping Up Week in the Life

IMG_1867I’ve wrapped up my Week in the Life book!! I couldn’t be more pleased with how this turned out! I think it helped that I didn’t over think it and that I let the book just flow and come together.

Take a look at this video showing the last few pages:

IMG_1871It feels so great wrapping up this project – now I can move on to many more projects I have waiting to be worked on! Stay tuned!

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Week in the Life – Days 2 – 6

IMG_1849Reliving the week and creating pages is one of my favorite parts of Week in the Life – and it’s often part of the project that I lose sight of and give up on – but not this time!

I am really enjoying the pages I’m putting together and though I didn’t set out to do so there is definitely a theme and format going on here. Take a look at this video as I take you through what I’ve got so far:

This project is really getting me excited and inspiring me to create even more so stay tuned! What are you creating right now?

Pool Day Page

IMG_1835It has been a long time since I used so much I a kit – but here we have another page from the Layle Mail Dream Big kit which she put together using the Simple Stories So Fancy collection. I don’t know if I’ve been so inspired by this kit because I haven’t received a kit in so long or because I love all things Simple Stories!

This layout taught me a lesson in walking away from a page that wasn’t working and regrouping until things came together and turns out I absolutely love this layout. Take a look at this video to learn a little more:

I will continue using up the bits and pieces I have left of this awesome kit and sharing my creations with you. Do you use kits? Love them or hate them?

Week in the Life – Day 1’s Page Creations

IMG_1827You watched as I diligently snapped photos and documented nine days making up my Week in the Life and now that the documentation is done it’s time to start putting my album together.

In today’s video I take you through my day 1 pages, take a look:

IMG_1824I love this part of the process, reliving a good week, creating an album that will act as almost a time capsule to this part of our lives and just having fun and allowing myself to be creative. I plan to put pages together over the next couple of weeks so stay tuned as I get this album put together but while I wait for the rest of my photos I’ll be working on other fun creations so stay tuned. What would you like to see me create?

Week in the Life – Days 7, 8 and 9

weekinthelifeday7Here we are wrapping up Week in the Life – I had 3 fabulous days away in St. Augustine and I balanced capturing the every day things with the fabulous things in a new place.


Pictures of the hotel room, the view, the crabs and of me taking photos sums up this day, and this trip. Don’t be afraid to hand off a camera and make sure your story is told with you in it.

weekinthelife day 8Day 8 was exploring a historic city. I captured some of the signs of some of the great places we went. I handed a camera off to our train driver/tour guide to get a shot of us on our empty train. We spent a lot of time on this train and it was incredible. I captured us walking across the bridge – something we did often. I made sure to capture details and parts of the story that might not have been captured if I wasn’t doing Week in the Life. Train stops and restaurant signs and bridge cross signs are important parts of a story.

weekinthelife Day 9Day 9 – the final day. I captured one last look at our view, breakfast, unpacking and picking up the dog – oh and just a little shark we happened to see swimming outside our room in the Bay. I also liked that I captured some of the makeup I wore over the course of Week in the Life. It will remind me what I had, what I wore and my go to palettes. It’s super fun to go back and see what you were doing at this point in time. This part of our story is important and now we have it.

One piece of advice I will give – once in a while pop out from behind the camera so you don’t miss seeing all the moments in person. It’s great to have these memories on film but having them in your mind and heart is important too.

Now that my take on the Week in the Life project is wrapped up I’ll start putting together pages and videos! I’ll also be documenting this amazing trip – the food, the signs, the details, the memories and moments that made an adventure. What would you like to see? Have you ever been on a life changing adventure?