LOAD25 – Day 28 – Remember

IMG_1350Here we are the last day of LOAD215! Can you believe we made it to the end of the month?

This prompt was super interesting to me and I really liked using a photo that contributed to the story without being a photo of the book or the author or that inspired the story.

Take a look at today’s video for more:

And now as we end LOAD215 and move into a new month, tell me what new adventures you’d like to see here on Scrapper on the Street – what projects would you like to see? How can I inspire you? Share in the comments below and come back and visit soon!

LOAD215 – Day 27

IMG_1345Isn’t it fun to go a little crazy on your pages and have fun with colors and embellishments? That’s what I did today and I’m so glad cause I really love how this turned out!!!

Take a look at today’s video to see all the fun I had:

Ok now that we’re wrapping up LOAD215 – What would YOU like to see from Scrapper on the Street in March??

LOAD215 – Day 26 – Belle

IMG_1342I love these color challenges. I love being limited in what products I use and I love the simplicity of this layout.

Take a look at today’s videos and let me know what you think:

How do you feel about color challenges? Are there colors out there you absolutely won’t use?

LOAD215 – Day 25 – Caught

IMG_1334Recording conversations is a fun way to add journaling to a page. I had so much fun creating this layout from Christmas, I have been wanting to use this very funny photo of Tamy but I just couldn’t figure out a way to get it documented until I heard today’s prompt.

Take a look at today’s video for more:

Can’t wait to see the conversations you are recording! Was this challenge easy or hard for you?

LOAD215 – Day 24 – POP!

IMG_1330Sometimes crazy things can make for great layouts right? Today we were challenged to make elements of the page pop up so I used this crazy New Year’s Eve photo of our imploded champagne bottle and made the page pop.

Take a look at today’s video for more:

LOAD215 – Day 23 – That Time We Read Circle of Friends

Circle of FriendsAfter a late night watching the Oscars last night I just couldn’t talk myself into creating a paper layout this morning – so I bring you…. a digi layout!

I don’t create a lot of digi layouts, it’s not really my area of expertise but I always enjoy the way they turn out when I do create them.

Take a look at today’s video for a little bit more:

Do you have a technique you struggle with? Let’s hear about it!

LOAD215 – Day 22 – #bookworm

IMG_1320I have always loved to read. I carry books and notebooks with me everywhere and I can often be found with my nose in a book or magazine.

Reading has shaped my life in many ways and I’m excited to share some of that with you.

Take a look at today’s video to see how reading has impacted my world:


There you have it another day done and another project well underway. Can’t wait to see what you create!

LOAD215 – Day 21 – The Secret Garden

IMG_1314Oh how I loved the Secret Garden as a kid. When Mary finds her dead aunt’s hidden, forgotten garden and works to get it all put right I was inspired. And I’m still inspired to this day.

I love the idea of having a place that is just mine and where I can be me and all my hard work makes for a safe haven. That is why I created this layout today.

Take a look at today’s video:

What a great way to tell the story of you using the books that inspired you. Which books inspire you both as a kid and now?

LOAD215 – Day 20 – In the Mood for Coffee

IMG_1302It’s that time of LOAD where I document my deep seeded coffee addiction!

I take lots and lots of coffee selfies, so I had a lot of them hanging around for just such an occasion and I’m so excited about how this layout turned out!

Take a look at today’s video for more:

What do you think? What are you always in the mood for?

LOAD215 – Day 19 – Us Girls

IMG_1297Ok my friends some internet issues this morning meant this video and post is late this evening but better late than never right?

I had fun with this purple challenge. I loved getting girly and fun with this. Take a look at today’s video:

Here’s a closer look: