LOAD516 – Day 24 – The Gym

LOAD24 - The Gym

The gym – my happy place where I find confidence and strength. I’ve had ups and downs and trips to the gym have caught me. That is the topic I chose for today’s LOAD layout! Take a look at today’s video for more:

Do you have a place like that? A place where you can hold your head a little higher and feel more confident? 

LOAD516 – Day 23 – Selfie Master

LOAD23 - Selfie Master!

What am I good at? Hmmmmm well one thing is for sure I’m totally an expert selfie taker! I found these photos from April, one is a selfie and one is a photo of me taking a selfie! I thought this combination of photos would help tell the selfie story and the layers of papers and embellishments were super fun to use and play with today. Take a look at today’s video for more:

How do you feel about the selfie? Love it or hate it?

LOAD516 – Day 21 – Too Tense

LOAD516 today's layout finds me plagued with technical difficulties please bear with me. Head to YouTube for today's video

Not my favorite layout this LOAD but I did the best I could and after battling technical difficulties I thought I would finally get this in a blog post. This has been something my dad has been telling me for a very long time and I’m glad I finally got to tell this story. Take a look at the video for more:

LOAD516 – Day 22- Pinot’s Palette

After a great weekend away I am still plagued with technical issues but doing my best to make sure I complete this LOAD! Today’s layout is about one of our favorite new places. Pinot’s Palette! A place that specializes in painting and wine drinking. I can see us spending many many many more fun nights here! Take a look at today’s video for more:

What local places do you like to visit?

LOAD516 – Day 20 – Hooper’s Hero

LOAD20 - Hooper's Hero | by DaniNYC

Sitting in a hotel room on Hooper’s first vacation ever it seems appropriate that he’s the star of today’s story and layout. I don’t consider myself much of a hero but I certainly couldn’t bear the thought of this sweet dog being put to sleep so I agreed to let him stay with us temporarily and 12 years later this dog has completely taken over my home and heart. See more in today’s video:

LOAD516 – Day 19 – Treasured Memories

LOAD19 - Treasured Memory

Treasured moments for me are about family and the people that are really special to me. I wanted to showcase this amazing photo of my family! This photo was taken nine years ago at my dad’s 70th birthday party in Vegas and that time in Vegas and this party was very special for all of us. I am so glad I finally scrapped this photo!

Capturing your treasured moments is so important – be sure to tell your story! 

LOAD516 – Day 18 – Magnets!

LOAD18 - 5 Things

I loved focusing on this collection of mine today and realizing just how much you can learn about me from my refrigerator magnets. I mean they really do tell  a story and this collection speaks volumes. I’ve been collecting magnets for many many years but what I focused on today was the top five things you can learn about me by looking at my fridge. See more in today’s video:

What do you collections say about you? What could we learn? 

LOAD516 – Day 17 – Be Excited!

LOAD17 - Believe

What makes me excited?? Disney of course – playing with the characters, hanging in the parks with my pals obviously that fills me with excitement and joy. I used photos that best captured that excitement and some of my happiest character moments. Take a look at today’s video for more:

LOAD516 – Day 16 – Addicted?

LOAD16 - Makeup Addict

I’m a quirky gal and today’s layout could have been a host of other odd things I do or enjoy but I wanted to focus on my love of makeup, my addiction to it and how a trip to Sephora and Starbucks could make this girl happy! Take a look at today’s video for more:

What are your quirks that make you uniquely you? 

LOAD615 – Day 15 – To Do List

LOAD15 - To Do List

Sunday is my favorite day of the week and so I loved this layout and putting together this To Do List. It is roughly 2:30PM and so far I’ve completed 5 of the things on the list! Not bad!! I love using Simple Stories products and I love this Carpe Diem Line – so great for documenting the everyday. Take a look at today’s video for more:

What products do you love? What’s on your Sunday to do list? Share in the comments below!