Food Photos Tell a Delicious Story

Food certainly has it’s own story to tell. If it’s the food you eat every day it tells the story of your diet, where you eat, what your favorite foods are at the time you capture it. While on vacation the food you eat speaks volumes. Food can become another character in your vacation story. Some food is so unique to a specific place or region – can you get Mickey Mouse waffle just anywhere? No pizza is quite like New York pizza and wow in California they sure do love their avocados!


This layout tells a very specific story through food photos. Recently while my sister was in town visiting we made a plan to taste test key lime pies in a bunch of places. It was part of the plan to eat foods that are celebrated in the South Florida beach towns we were visiting. So the the key lime pie taste test was born! I placed the photos in the order we ate them but numbered them to aid in my journaling. I kept the papers bright to give that feeling of warm weather, outdoors, sunshine and fun. I wanted the page to shout fun but not be too busy that it overshadowed the photos – after all they are telling the story here.

I added embellishment clusters to the top and bottom photos to add some whimsy but also to draw attention to those photos. I played with the title in the middle of the page and I’m pleased with where it landed. I inked the letters with Ranger Distress Ink in Bundled Sage and topped that with a little Distress Stickles in Rock Candy – I felt it needed just that hint of shimmer.

Mixing and matching patterned paper is something that can be intimidating but once you let go of that fear it can be so much fun!  I’m going through a definite layering phase right now and I’m truly enjoying that process.

The journaling includes the name of all three restaurants, all three beaches we were on or near and it announces the winner of our little taste test challenge.  These three pieces of pie were so much more than that. They represent extreme deliciousness (well two of them do) they represent laughs, and great meals, and good times. This visit with my sister will also be remembered through these pieces of pie.

What are your favorite vacation foods? Have you scrapped them? Tell me all about it in the comments below!


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16 Responses
  1. Nicole says:

    Beautiful photos and I can personally vouch for the winner of the key lime pie taste test!

  2. geezee says:

    I love taking pictures of food. Our Cruise food was so photo worthy, my daughter groaned every time I pulled out my camera to snap a shot. Fun memories, those.

    • GeeZee, I can often be heard screaming “Wait” when the food arrives so no one eats before I can snap a picture haha! But great memories come from all of that!

  3. Lynnette says:

    Oh how I love Key Lime Pie! Great layout showcasing your taste test and those heart and enamel dots are the perfect embellishment in the corner.

  4. Love this, Dani! Such a great story and your design is so well-balanced. Love the colors! YUM!

  5. Vi says:

    Enjoyed that article and your layout. I love taking pictures of food to, although most of mine are the ones I take of my own cooking, LOL. I love to cook. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Lain says:

    Beautiful! I love it!

  7. Barb in AK says:

    Oh how I love the paper layering! It’s not over-done, like some scrappers do. Was the paper from a coordinated line? It all goes together beautifully!

  8. Danielle_nl says:

    I like the idea of the pie test and the layout you’ve created.

    I did a food layout for LOAD213. It was about the food I like when we are on vacation in Austria. I used pictures from a recipe website.