Journal Your Christmas with Pocket Pages

JYC Page 1













This is the second year in a row I’m taking Shimelle’s Journal Your Christmas. This year I’m opting to keep my pages separate from my Insta-Christmas/Celebrate the Season album because Shimelle’s prompts really have me digging deep and it’s a totally different spin on the holidays.

So I decided to add these pages right in the same binder as my Learn Something New Every Day pages. I think it will be nice to house these two journal focused classes in one place.

Take a look at this video as I show you how I put together this first page.

Are you documenting your holidays? How are you going about it? Are you taking a class? Are you using a particular book? I want to hear all about it!


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6 Responses
  1. Cathy says:


    These are awesome! I still have all my pages in my head and need to start writing. I am going to do the pocket pages too! Love this!

  2. Barb in AK says:

    Love seeing your additions to each pocket :-) The MAMBI card is so cool— metallic.
    Do you ever have a problem having the right vertical or horizontal photos for the pockets? I mean, if I were to do those pockets, I’d probably have all horizontal photos, and nothing for the vertical slots. How do you work around that?

    • I do run into issues with that (I will address it a little further in the next video) It has made me very conscious of taking multiple photos in vertical and horizontal and if I find I only have a certain photo I just fill the rest with journaling or decorated cards. I also am careful when buying the page protectors that I keep in mind the size of photos and orientation I like to use.

  3. Love these pages and am so glad to see tips for journaling.