Why YOU Are Important to YOUR Story!


Why should you get YOU in your stories and on YOUR pages?

I know, I know… you don’t like the way you look, maybe you’re overweight or underweight, maybe you have a pimple or a birthmark you are self conscious of. Maybe you don’t like your hair or your wardrobe. You know what I have to say to that?


You have to get your cute self on your pages and tell your story! During a recent Scrapper on the Street live event this topic came up and I went off on a tangent about the importance of getting your face and your story on your layouts and I have many reasons why!

1. You are important. Your likes, your dislikes, your history, your image it is all important and years from now you will love looking back and seeing the coffee you drink, the food you ate, the clothes you wore – Trust me!


2. The people who love you will want to see you and remember you and get to know you! Your kids do not care what you look like, they love you and they will want to know how you feel, how you look, what you were like when you were a kid. They want all of this documented, so don’t let them down!


3. You won’t have to struggle to remember your own facts of your own life. By including your image you won’t struggle to remember that shirt you wore every weekend in 2001 it will be captured on the pages! You will have pictures of where you went and what you did and how your life was. So as we all get older it will be a nice and easy reference point!

4. You can be funny and you can be deep and you can tell your story the way you want. You don’t have to rely on someone to editorialize you! You say what you want, how you want. You can be the real authentic you – that means bad hair days, chubby days, skinny days, blemish days, they are your days and they are IMPORTANT!!!

IMG_0622So my friends this is what I want you to do – get yourselves on your pages!!!! Tell YOUR stories. Take selfies, hand the camera off, set the timer on your camera – whatever you have to do make sure you showcase YOU!!!!!!

I would love if you shared your stories and photos with me. You can link to them in the comments, add them to the Scrapper on the Street Facebook Page or upload to Instagram using the hash tag #scrapperonthestreet

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10 Responses
  1. Libby Wiers says:

    Love the pages you used for examples!! That drink looks right up my alley. And here I am, preparing for semi-retirement, and I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up (do I HAVE to?) Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. lynne moore says:

    awesome post. true words. i especially like # 4.

  3. Dietra says:

    SO true. Thank you for reminding us that we are part of the story and we can’t forget it.

  4. Barb in AK says:

    I just LOVE your When I Grow Up page!!
    What a great post today :-)
    I seem to be able to scrap more about me, now that I’m an empty-nester. But looking back, I shouldn’t have waited to do that before my son “flew the coop”. I should have been scrapping me all along, too. We never know what the future holds.
    Everyone should hand the camera off to friends, co-workers, loved ones and say, “Catch me!” Even if it’s photos of you standing at the sink doing dishes, loading the dryer, sweeping the porch, cleaning the toilet….. :-)
    I didn’t start having photos taken of me at work until I was nearly ready to retire. I wish I had handed the camera off earlier in my career– those are the “missing years”. :-\
    Your words are so wise today, Dani!

    • Barb – I so agree we should hand off the camera and even get those every day moments captured. I’ve made sure to snap photos of my desk and co-workers and signs on doors cause I want to remember everything even when I don’t work in a place anymore.